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The overall national 2014 recycling targets for WEEE regulations have been exceeded, according to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS).

BIS announced in February that the total tonnes collected in 2014 was 491,007, with the target being 490,000.

However, there was a shortfall in large domestic appliances – 9000 tonnes less than the target of 176,018. Small domestic appliances also fell slightly under, but overall figures showed an increase with higher collections of TV’s and monitors.

The overall increase, including large domestic appliances, meant the figures were up by 4% from 2013.

The amount of WEEE collected and financed by producers for 2014, with 2013 figures, is set out below:

Type        2013 Collections (tonnes)  2014 Collection target (tonnes)  2014 collections (tonnes)
Large domestic appliances 154,667  176,018 167,193
Small mixed WEEE   118,215 126,486     125,442
Tvs and monitors  100,255 77,187  84,164
Fridges and freezers 100,739   109,469  112,274
Lamps   834  840     1,933
Total     474,711  490,000   491,007
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