Adobe Flash Player set to be made redundant as many tech companies seek out alternatives

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With Mozilla now joining the growing numbers of companies opting out of using Flash Player to play video and audio content, its days are looking numbered.

Mozilla, the maker of Firefox web browser have announced recently that they are to stop supporting Flash usage on their browser as of August. The company claims that they have been taking steps to reduce the need for Flash content on their service in everyday browsing for the typical user.

Flash is widely known for enabling users to experience interactive content and videos on the web; however its usage can often lead to an unstable experience and frequently has performance issues.

Furthermore, online hackers have exploited the security vulnerabilities of Flash many times, essentially using it as a way in.

As a result, Mozilla has now taken the decision to block as usage of Flash as of August, primarily as a result of the vulnerabilities it presents. Firefox noted in a recent blog post that its browser is set to block only Flash content that is not essential to the user’s experience. They will however still continue to support legacy Flash content.

By making this decision, Firefox aims to improve user experience, stability and battery life.

They are not the first to make this decision, as major tech company Apple also opted to block Flash from is Safari browser as of 2011, and Adobe, the company behind Flash, even decided to stop developing Flash player for mobile devices.

In order to continue their dedication to user experience, Firefox plan to implement Web API’s onto their system, rather than plug-ins for audio and video playback, and even streaming content.

With most companies not opting to adopt HTML5 as an alternative to Adobe Flash, the days of Flash are certainly beginning to look numbered.


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