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A recent data leak has confirmed that the iPhone 7 will feature new and advanced technology, with many exciting new qualities.

The leaked information comes via ‘Patently Apple’, who recently released a report on camera supplier LG Innotek. This South Korean supplier have been reported to be the sole supplier for the iPhone 7 Plus’ advanced dual-lens camera technology.

What this highlights is that the iPhone 7, the release of which everyone is eagerly awaiting, will become the first iPhone ever to feature dual-lens technology, which will be able to offer improved low-light performance, different levels of physical zoom in the lens, and the ability to use depth analysis to improve post-processing on the image.

LG’s own handset, already uses a dual-lens camera within its G5 smartphone, meaning that the company are already experienced in using these optics.

It will be very interesting to see how Apple intend to utilise the hardware into their latest upcoming Smartphone

The news comes after LG’s victory within the supply chain was widely expected over their rivals Sony, with the data leak matching up with a similar report earlier in the week, that illustrated space for the dual-lens hardware (and a smart connector).

But the consumer-favourite, Apple, will need to keep their wits about them, as both LG and Huawei have already released handsets onto the market that feature dual lens technology. However, there has not been a significant rise in public perception of the technology.

This fact could give Apple the advantage, especially in the West, where Apple could be seen as the first major tech company to feature he technology.

But, however, Apple will need to be careful, as Samsung, another South Korean manufacturer, with huge popularity and demand in Westernised countries, could steal their limelight upon release.


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