How Can WEEE IT Recycling Help Your Business?

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There is more pressure for businesses to implement sustainable practices such as the recycling of old electronics. In fact, there are now regulations requiring the proper disposal of all types of electronic items.

Besides helping the environment, there are several important reasons for your business to start a WEEE recycling program.

What Is WEEE Recycling?

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) includes almost all types of electronics, small appliances, and computer equipment. Your old computers, monitors, and printers cannot simply be disposed of with your regular office waste.

In the UK, the WEEE Regulations 2013 became law in 2014. The newer regulations cover almost any device that features a plug or requires a battery.

The reason that these items need to be properly disposed of and recycled is due to the hazardous materials found in electronic items. For example, many electronics contain mercury, especially circuit boards and LCD flat panel monitors.

With free IT recycling services and affordable IT waste collection and disposal, there is no excuse for improperly disposing of your old equipment, hard drives, and electronics.

Avoid Hefty Fines for Non-Compliance with the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced new regulations in 2018 with a focus on protecting consumer data. While the regulations are designed to protect the rights of consumers, these regulations also include very clear wording concerning the disposal of secure data.

Non-compliance can cost a business millions of pounds. Professional IT recycling companies ensure that your data is properly destroyed in accordance with the GDPR to avoid the steep fines and penalties.

A data destruction company follows a series of steps to thoroughly destroy hard drives and other storage devices. They even offer on-site data erasure and mobile hard drive shredding.

Correctly Dispose of Your Old Electronic Equipment

Along with hard drives containing sensitive data, you need to ensure that you’re properly disposing of your old electronics and computer equipment. Electronic waste includes old computer monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, cords, cables, and other electronics. Electrical recycling companies can assist with the correct disposal of all your old electronics.

These recycling services are also cost-effective and convenient, preventing any disruption to your normal business routine. You can even arrange for the IT recycling company to pick up your waste directly from your premises.

Start Recycling Your Electronic Waste Today

WEEE recycling is a simple process to implement. Local recycling services make it easy. You can arrange for bulk one-off collections or scheduled collections. You can even have a wheelie bin, roll cage, or other container delivered to your location.

Where can I find electronic recycling near me? You don’t have to look for. At XPO IT Services, we offer secure IT asset disposal, data destruction, and WEEE recycling services at affordable prices. Contact us today at 01952 608908 or fill out our online form to inquire about convenient IT recycling.

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