John Pye Auctions

John Pye Auctions are the UK’s leading commercial auction house network, fusing traditional auction principles with modern day digital technology.

With 22 sites across the UK and growing, John Pye Auctions manages over 30,000 valuations and places 1.5m items in the secondary market each year.

Counting a number of high profile electrical retailers amongst its impressive customer base, John Pye Auctions in its 50th year of operations is a thriving marketplace for second user consumer technology.

Tom Donson, Network Manager at John Pye Auctions explains:”We have an extremely strong focus on data security. Because of the nature of the companies we work with, we have stringent processes when it comes to data bearing assets. There can be no compromise.”


Finding a partner

As part of this laser-like focus on doing the right thing, John Pye Auctions went through a supplier engagement exercise to find an IT recycling partner who could meet their exacting requirements while offering excellent value for money.

Tom explains: “We rang around a lot of companies. We needed a partner who could securely shred the hard drives that were no longer fit for purpose. We wanted an organisation that was big enough to manage 1000s of hard drives per year, but small enough to be really flexible and offer us an on-site shredding service.

Following a thorough evaluation of the market, John Pye Auctions appointed XPO IT Services as their IT recycling partner of choice.

Tom comments: “XPO were willing to come out to us and service us on-site. From a compliance perspective, being able to see the drives being shredded is a key factor for us.

“We spoke to another company offering shredding services half a mile down the road from us. However, they weren’t prepared to bring a lorry to site. XPO IT Services on the other hand proved to be more than flexible to our individual needs. It let us know they care.

“XPO IT Services also offered an extremely competitive cost per hard drive – coming in at over half what some other companies were quoting. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made regarding our technology.”


Taking pride in the process

Operating a strict three step process, devices with storage media are thoroughly scanned for any defects. If a hard drive is still within its economic life, it’s wiped using CESG approved data wiping software. For drives that fail the test, they are securely stored in preparation for onsite processing by XPO IT Services’ mobile shredder.

When they arrive at John Pye Auctions, XPO IT Services meticulously catalogue and process the items to be shred. The service is efficient, but care and attention is paid to ensure that all the hard drives are correctly scanned and audited to enable the necessary documentation to be raised once the job is completed.

As technology has changed over recent years, with the introduction of new compute platforms like system-on-chip, there’s an even greater focus on XPO IT Services’ shredding capabilities.

Tom expands: “Nowadays we are increasingly dealing with devices that have integrated memory on the board. Some of the most desirable tech of today – such as Macbooks – have SSDs integrated onto the boards, so if the MAC is faulty we have to shred the whole board. Luckily XPO IT Services’ shredder can take care of anything we throw at it – it’s a very impressive piece of kit.”


Personalised service

With a relationships now spanning a number of years, the relationship between John Pye Auctions and XPO IT Services has developed into a genuine partnership built on foundations of trust.

Tom explains: “We know all the XPO guys by name – they’re always very responsive in coming back to us. If we ask our account manager for a quote, he will come back to us  within half an hour. You can’t fault that kind of service.

“When they turn up the driver rings us straight away. They then get on with processing 1000-plus drives. It’s no mean feat. XPO also recycle phones – dealing with a single high quality recycling partner who can help across different types of technology is a big help. The service is always really professional across the board from start to finish.“


Why XPO IT Services?

Tom has no hesitation in recommending XPO IT Services to anyone looking for a world-class IT recycling partner.

He comments: “I can’t find anything bad to say about them. Their flexibility and responsiveness is second to none. They’re a great company to work with on every level.

Their customer service is really good. They’ve never once mentioned they couldn’t make it to site. They’ve never let us down and this reliability, even when faced with employee sickness, means we would never have a reason to change suppliers. Competitive pricing, incredible service levels, and a friendly and professional team – we couldn’t ask for more.”

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