Keller is the world’s largest ground engineering specialist. With offices in more than 40 countries on six continents, they employ more than 10,000 staff. The Keller roots date back to 1860 and from a relatively humble beginning the company has been built around engineering excellence, safety and continuous innovation.

The UK subsidiary, Keller Ltd, operates out of its headquarters in Coventry, one of several sites spread across Britain. Supporting 400 tech users from Dunfermline to London with the full breadth of IT requirements – from device through the data centre – life is busy for IT Manager Craig Riley.


Changing times

As a dynamic business, Keller went through a strategic reorganisation last year that brought with it a number of office closures.

Craig comments: “As the market adapts, so do we. Part of this adaptation involved looking at our UK offices and we took the decision to relocate some. With these office moves came lots of unwanted office and IT equipment. We had a pretty typical estate of technology that was no longer required: desktops, laptops, mobile phones. Obviously we sought to repurpose that equipment internally first, but there was still a good amount that needed disposing of. If it’s waste that has no value for us internally, then that needs to go rather than clutter up our working environments or stores.”

Fortunately for Keller, Craig was very clued up on what to do with the waste that has accumulated.

He explains: “If it’s electronic waste, as a business we have responsibilities. With the WEEE directive, we have producer obligation for our electronic waste. We can’t just throw it in the bin. Secondly, we have a responsibility for the constituent data that may be left on the technology we no longer need. That means it’s not enough to just wipe the data on the hard drives, we need professional support to ensure that the data is not retrievable and ends up on the internet.”

After researching online for suppliers who could meet this need, Paul came across XPO IT Services.


Secure & environmentally responsible

After a helpful conversation with the XPO account management team, Paul decided to work with XPO IT Services on the bulk collection of IT waste taken from the legacy offices.

This large collection involved a flatbed truck. Paul built the inventory internally of what they had and then XPO IT Services collected the equipment on a pre-agreed collection date. The whole thing passed off without fuss.

After a successful first collection, XPO IT Services have gone on to become a true waste partner for Keller. They operate a two-bin process now at a number of their sites in the UK. This involves having designated bins for the IT waste on site that the IT team fill as and when IT waste accumulates. Once these bins begin to fill, Keller simply call XPO IT Services who arrange a collection. The two full bins are then swapped for two empty bins and the whole process repeats in a simple and straightforward manner.

Paul explains: “Having the two-bin system makes things really easy. For us, as a team, it’s really light touch. It means we don’t have to carry anything around. We just wheel the bins next to the IT waste and load it in. LIkewise, when it comes to collection day, we’re not lumped with lugging around heavy IT equipment. Wheeling a bin around is certainly easier than manually handling lots of heavy IT equipment! It’s that straightforward, we don’t even need to be there on collection day as long as we have someone else in the business who can sign the transfer of waste documentation.

He continues: “We didn’t want to be filling in forms left,right and centre to get rid of waste. We want transfer of waste documentation and a certificate of destruction for the data. That’s it. We need things to be easy because as an IT team our responsibilities are so broad – across the full spectrum of technology – delivered to hundreds of users spanning the entire UK.

From our point of view we know what should go in each bin. Sometimes we get miscellaneous items like UPS batteries. We just let XPO IT Services know what we have and they make arrangement to collect it with our normal waste, as long as specific handling and storage provisions are made.”


Why XPO IT Services?

Craig comments: “We just contact XPO and then they sort it. We’ve never had them refuse a collection, or been let down by collection dates or times. There has been once when they had to reschedule after a huge accident on the M25. I’m very impressed after two years of dedicated service.

“We see them very much as a partner due to the value they bring to our business in areas we don’t have the expertise in internally.  They have an overwhelming commitment to getting this done in a quick and efficient way.

“Time and time again XPO IT Services have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Their drivers have even gone out of their way to give us a hand moving things around inside the building.  They help us out wherever possible – they’re a joy to deal with. For anyone reading this who thinks it’s just plain old rubbish collection, you’ve got it completely wrong. Logistically, there’s a lot that goes into the operation and the wide range of environmental and data security legislation means you can’t just go throwing things away: everything needs to be done by the book. Otherwise, you get slapped with a huge fine. To avoid getting a big fine, use XPO. It’s never going to happen with them looking after it. They completely avoid any risk to us as a business and they do it with a smile on their faces in the friendliest manner possible.”

For Craig it’s clear what those looking for IT asset disposal companies should do: “Stop searching. Once you deal with XPO, you don’t need to look elsewhere. They operate without the fuss or drama. Everyone from the account management team through to the drivers are friendly, approachable and amenable.”


Work with us

If reading this case study has inspired you, get in touch now. We can securely and cost effectively recycle your electronic waste in an environmentally responsible way. We would love to hear from you – call us or email us now.

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