Established in 1998, Ridgeon Network provides professional Internet services for businesses from their own UK-based infrastructure. The business’ main focus is the supply of Secure FTP (SFTP) hosting and data storage services as well as providing managed infrastructure and servers for clients.

The ability to offer customers a one stop shop for all data and networking requirements has been a key driver behind Ridgeon Network’s growth. As a ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified company with strong security policies, they needed to find a trusted and reliable IT asset disposal partner that they could depend on.

In 2015, XPO IT Services began working in partnership with Ridgeon Network to undertake onsite data destruction to satisfy client and policy requirements.

From this initial starting point, the relationship has since gone on to become much more and includes the popular flexible office and data centre relocation service provided by XPO Moves for their client’s infrastructures.


It’s a London thing

Moving offices is no straightforward ask. It requires careful planning, a delicate touch and enough hands on deck to get equipment moved in a safe and timely fashion.

It’s all the more difficult when offices are located within central London. This was the situation posed by one of Ridgeon Network’s customers.

As a trusted supplier, XPO Moves were brought in to provide their service and make sure the relocation project was conducted professionally and diligently.

An XPO Moves project begins with a friendly on-site consultation. This enables XPO’s experienced team of professional movers to audit access to both buildings, to take a full inventory of equipment to be moved and to prepare a project plan with key personnel within the organisation.

When appraising the buildings and meeting with the end user, there were a couple of challenges which were presented to the team:

  • The volume of traffic. Perhaps unsurprisingly for central London, the traffic was extremely busy throughout the entire day.
  • Parking was across a busy road, which makes the loading and unloading process so much more challenging.
  • As a busy 50 person office, it was crucial that business downtime was kept to a minimum to ensure productivity remained high despite the changing environment.
  • Ridgeon Network needed a supplier that understood the technology involved (not just moving it) and could assist with workstation setup whilst the data centre work was being undertaken.


Because of these challenges XPO and Ridgeon Network agreed an out-of-hours move would be optimal. This would see the move itself undertaken at the weekend, when traffic was lighter and when the impact to the business’ productivity would be minimised.

When it came to the weekend of the move, there were two days to get the technology transitioned smoothly. On Saturday, Ridgeon Network worked on the server and infrastructure setup whilst furniture was put in place.

Then, on Sunday, while Ridgeon Network re-commissioned the data centre, XPO IT Services moved all of the desktop computing equipment, such as desktop PCs, monitors, mice and keyboards over to the new office – taking just 6 hours to complete.

As is common when undertaking an office move, there were a number of electronic and data bearing pieces of hardware that were no longer required and needed securely recycling. XPO IT Services rounded off the project with an integrated WEEE collection, providing an full asset register back to the end user to give peace of mind that the items had been recycled in a secure and environmentally responsible way.


Why XPO IT Services?

For Chris Ridgeon, Managing Director at Ridgeon Network, the reasons to use XPO IT Services for office relocation services and IT asset disposal are clear.

“We have been using XPO for years now for many aspects of our business. Originally, we used XPO primarily for Secure Hard Drive shredding on-site at our offices. Due to our client-based and nature of our services it is important that we have a secure and final method of data erasure.

“XPO provide a professional and efficient service in all aspects of their business, this was further proved in a recent project for a client that involved not only secure data disposal but also IT relocation services and WEEE asset retrieval and recycling at a customer site during an office IT move. Flexibility is key with any IT-dependant business and XPO were happy to have their team on-hand at 7am on a Sunday to minimise disruption.

“It is great to have a reliable supplier available to provide a wide range of compliance services that we can trust. We will continue to work with XPO long into the future.”


Work with us

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