Data destruction and erasure

You have a responsibility to users to process their data securely. Not only that, you have regulatory obligations too. GDPR has tightened the restrictions on how data is handled, and as such, it’s never been more important to ensure compliance. It could be quite easy to forget that even at the end of it’s useful life, IT hardware is often data bearing, and could hold potentially sensitive, and in some cases highly confidential information.

We can help you ensure that data-bearing hardware is dealt with securely and in compliance with legislation like GDPR. Our stringent processes ensure that data is fully erased where possible, and if it can’t be erased, our on-site and mobile hard drive shredding ensures complete destruction.

We can offer a service that works for you. If you’d like to reuse your equipment but make sure there are no breaches, we can provide on-site data erasure as well as mobile hard drive shredding.

Why choose XPO?
  • Certified with merit by global IT asset disposal standard ADISA
  • Data erasure using industry-leading software Blancco
  • On-site and off-site hard drive shredding
  • Full audit report provided
  • GDPR-compliant SLAs