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Effectively destroying data and IT assets is rarely a simple task, especially with added pressure brought on by the GDPR. Often, the most reliable and cost-effective way to eliminate collections of data is to outsource this task to a third-party who specialises in making this happen.

This way, all of the necessary equipment is already there, the methods are already proven, and GDPR standards are already being met, so you can confidently send your data off to be destroyed securely and comprehensively. To do so onsite would require a solid understanding of current requirements and potentially an investment into new technology and equipment but working with a data destruction company makes things easy.

How Do You Know Your Recycling Company Is Reliable?

Data and IT asset recycling companies will be fully-accredited with the necessary parties, and this information is open and available to see. Things such as UKAS accreditations and ADISA certifications can give you some peace of mind prior to working with the company, but the experienced recycling company will have far more than just these two.

How Is Data Destroyed?

Data destruction companies use sophisticated software to completely erase data, and they also offer a number of physical destruction services not only to eliminate any chance of recovery but also to simply recycle obsolete pieces of equipment. Hard-drives can be shredded either onsite or off-site, but you can also send off your outdated or unused hardware to be destroyed and recycled using secure and comprehensive methods.

Get Audit Reports and Destruction Certificates

Keeping an audit trail for every step of your data will help you comply with current GDPR requirements, and your data destruction company can provide audit reports as well as destruction certificates to prove the destruction of your data by an accredited company.

Recycle Old Hardware

Data and asset destruction should be about more than just complying with GDPR. It’s also about handling your outdated technologies responsibly to fulfil social, environmental and economic obligations.

Given that technology changes so rapidly, you will always find yourself updating your equipment and investing in new technologies, and electrical recycling companies help you make those transitions by taking that old equipment off of your hands. Collection services can be arranged, and your recyclers will have wheelie bins, roll cages, and other secure containers, giving you everything you need to recycle your old equipment and easily comply with current regulations.

Trust in a Capable Company

We have been providing companies with effective ITAD and WEEE solutions for over twenty years, always updating our services to meet current regulations. To learn more or to arrange for a service, give us a call at 01952 608908, and we will help you get started.

The author: Mark Cotterell
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