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Whether you are giving your current IT system a complete overhaul or simply taking care of a few weak spots, it’s important that there is a solid plan in place that can guarantee a successful transition.

Given the increasing complexity and sophistication of IT equipment and the introduction of new regulations such as the GDPR, it can certainly feel as though you’re falling behind and installing new infrastructure can be a major headache in and of itself. If you have yet to read about ITAD and WEEE, these are core services that IT recycling companies provide and they are also key to your success during a transition.

Dealing with Old Data

There are a number of situations where you may be required to destroy old data, especially if you are working to comply with the GDPR. Companies that store user data now have an even greater obligation to handle it well. But rather than deal with this on your own, you can dish it off to a data destruction company for total erasure.

Whether you lack the equipment or the expertise to effectively get rid of data or simply want the confidence that comes with working with an expert, a data destruction company will have everything you need to satisfy current regulations so there is absolutely no doubting your status as a compliant company. Data destruction is offered on-site or off-site and includes all of the following:

  • Hard drive shedding
  • Data erasure
  • Audit reports and certifications

As experts, they can erase the data itself and for added confidence, they also destroy physical devices so that there is no chance of recovery.

Recycling Old Equipment

If you are making a transition to new equipment, the old equipment has to go somewhere. When you invest in recycling services, you are investing in the reduction of your company’s environmental impact.

Electronic recycling companies specialise in the disposal of old IT equipment and this includes the collection. When you are ready to switch to a more sophisticated system, simply give your recycling company a call. They can guarantee you flexible solutions, full compliance, and full transparency regarding what’s happening to your equipment.

IT Support to Stay Connected and Compliant

Upgrading your IT equipment doesn’t come without a catch and non-compliance can be incredibly costly. IT recycling companies not only handle your data and your old equipment but can also guide you through the installation process.

You can learn about various desktop services that include setup and configuration. For end-to-end IT transition services, simply give us a call at 01952 608908 or email us at At XPO IT Services, you are doing business with highly trained professionals who can guarantee total compliance across all aspects of IT transition.

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