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Introducing a new service, brought to you by XPO IT Services

Introducing a New Service from XPO IT Services
– Data Erasure of all mobile phones and tablets

Most of us own either one or both, but how many of us actually understand how they work? Many individuals are under the impression that a simple factory reset will erase the data off our devices for good, but this is far from the truth.

Recycled mobile phones retain previous owner data

Too many users are recycling their old phones without realising that data is left behind, even after deletion or a factory reset”

It is important that you ensure the data from your devices are handled securely and properly. However, a recent survey conducted on 2,000 adults showed that 25% of users have owned a second-hand or refurbished device and that 1/3 had found the previous owner’s contacts, media files such as photos and videos, along with other information, this is beacause people assume a simple factory reset is enough to permenantly erase the data off your device.  Click here to read full article 

XPO IT Services have highly trained professionals in data wiping who will make sure that your mobile devices are returned completely free of data and sensitive information. Our Tabernus Erasure services means that your phone will be restored to factory condition, thoroughly wiped of data and then restored again – ensuring that your phone is free of any previous information. Click here for more information

This service supports the following devices:

  • Android : v1.5 or later
  • IPhone: iOS v1.0-6.0
  • BlackBerry: OS 4.3 or later
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