DNA Records of 800+ Terror Suspects Deleted in Major Police Error

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Major Police incident leads to the destruction of 800+ DNA files of British terror supspects

This week, it has been announced that police failure to submit paperwork punctually has resulted in the DNA files and fingerprints of some 800 terror suspects being wrongfully destroyed. These important files profiling information on potential terrorists were thrown out when paperwork had failed to be submitted on time following significant and repetitive delays.

A report by The Week highlights that the forensic profiles of non-convicted suspects “automatically expire after six months”, despite the fact that senior members of staff are able to keep the data on file for as long as necessary, providing that they apply for ‘national security determination’ if the suspect is believed to be a threat to national security.

The number of forensic profiles that have been destroyed represents one in 10 of the estimated 8,000 records currently being held on the UK Governments counter-terrorism database.

MacGregor, Commissioner at UK Biometrics claimed that steps needed to be taken quickly in order to produce replacement files in order to “minimise any risk which they pose to national security”.

The commissioner concluded that steps were being taken to address these recent issues, and the police have “provided further assurances that they will be kept under close review.

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