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Now that the latest GDPR regulations have been introduced, there is a lot of talk about data protection and the proper destruction of data. Businesses are required to ensure that hard drives are securely shredded or erased to prevent unwanted access to sensitive information.

Unfortunately, the data protection regulations are not always easy to understand. Here are some of the most common questions that businesses have about data protection and destruction.

What Is a Data Protection Officer?

The data protection officer is a role within your organisation that is responsible for implementing measures to secure sensitive information and prevent data breaches.

The data protection officer ensures that data is correctly stored, accessed, and erased or disposed of. This includes working with local IT recycling companies to properly destroy or erase hard drives.

The data protection officer does not need to be a new hire. You can appoint someone from within your organisation to fill this role. However, this individual should have IT and data security experience.

Why Do I Need to Destroy Old Hard Drives?

You do not necessarily need to destroy old drives. When working with a GDPR-compliant recycling company, you also have the option of having your hard drives securely erased. Data experts will thoroughly erase all data from the drive, allowing you to reuse the hard drive.

While you can have data erased, data destruction is the most secure way to ensure that the data is permanently deleted. This is the only way to guarantee that the sensitive information contained on the hard drives is gone forever.

How Can I Ensure That My Data is Properly Destroyed?

A data protection officer is also responsible for destroying data when it has reached its end of life. When you no longer need old records containing sensitive information, your business should partner with a data destruction company to destroy or erase the hard drives and storage devices containing the data.

Why Should I Recycle My Electronic Waste?

Besides erasing or destroying data, your business also needs to properly dispose of electronic equipment. Electronic waste may contain hazardous materials.

Mercury is often found on circuit boards while lead, cadmium, and other harmful substances are often used in batteries. Failure to properly dispose of these items can result in expensive fines.

IT recycling is also a cost-effective way to dispose of unused electronics and equipment. In fact, you can find free IT recycling services to help clear out old items.

Why Should I Find Electronic Recycling Near Me?

When your business frequently needs to hire recycling services to dispose of data, it’s beneficial to find a local IT recycling company.

If you’re looking for electrical recycling companies in your area, contact the team at XPO IT Services. For over two decades, we have provided cost-effective solutions for disposing of old electrical equipment. Call us today at 01952 608908 or submit an online form for more details about our IT recycling services.

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