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Sometimes a small change of scenery can provide a big change in motivation. Think about how the environment you and your team work in impacts motivation. If there aren’t many sources of natural light coming in, if desks are cluttered and unorganised or if there’s little to no artwork on the walls: it might be time to think about a change of scenery.

Whether or not you are a fan of bold accent colours, office design can have a profound impact on an organisation. A well-designed space not only affects culture and workforce motivation but in turn can improve a business’s bottom line.” – The Guardian

Involve your employees

Create a ‘moves team’: A group of employees who can take on specific roles and offer creative ideas throughout the design and relocation process. This will not only take some pressure off you as relocation director, but it will also give employees a sense of ownership over the move – making the process positive and empowering for staff.

Make sure your staff know what’s going on

It’s not nice being left in the dark: Make sure that once you know your office relocation plans, that all staff members (internal and external) are notified. Communication is key; and you want your employees to be kept up-to-date with the progress of the relocation. This will help keep staff motivated when it comes to their new working environment.

Upgrade your electronic equipment

Out with the old: Moving office can be a great excuse for a company to declutter. If you’re moving into a new space it might be time to upgrade your IT and kitchen equipment. Upgrading your IT equipment can not only increase team morale, it can also help to improve security against cyber attacks. Be sure to recycle your old IT equipment and the money you make could go towards new kit!

Reward your employees

It’s not all work: Make sure you celebrate the opening of your new office with your employees and key stakeholders. Thank your moves team for all the help and guidance they’ve given and your staff for their patience – and raise a toast to your new working space, you’ve earned it!

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