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We won’t lie: data centres can be scary – especially if you don’t know how they work. They usually consist of hundreds of servers inside glass cabs. You don’t quite know how they run, but you’re glad they do – a broken data centre could be detrimental to your business.

There can be various reasons why you need to relocate a data centre: as technology evolves and your company grows, your servers could struggle to cope with the processing power that’s now needed and they’re rendered obsolete. Or maybe your company has expanded to a second location and certain servers are needed at the new location.

Whatever the reason, you need to migrate and you don’t know where to start.


Make a plan

Your data centre is business-critical which means you’ll want to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Any unexpected or extended downtime could result in a loss of earnings – and we know you don’t want that.

To reduce these risks: plan ahead. Make a hardware and communications inventory of all servers/cabs. Make a note of the manufacturer, model, IP info, age of the machine, power requirements, internet class, telecom lines, etc.

Once you have this pretty comprehensive list compiled, you’ll be able to see the physical and network infrastructure that powers your business. This can help you work out what you need to migrate and which servers/cabs are the most critical.

Don’t forget to sweat the small stuff

There’s no guarantee your migration will run exactly to plan – you’re playing with fire if you don’t factor in the small stuff. A vital colleague falls ill on the day of the move. Do you have a migration team who can pick up their role to prevent any extended downtime? Equipment could get damaged during the move. Do you have the right packing equipment for fragile items? You get stuck in traffic due to roadworks. Have you chosen the quickest/best route to get to your new location?


Don’t forget the old stuff

It’s likely you’ll end up with a lot of retired assets after the migration that you can’t just throw away. Team up with an electronic waste partner who can either shred or recycle any unwanted assets; safe in the knowledge any confidential corporate data has been completely erased and/or destroyed – there might even be a chance to make some money back on the assets.


If in doubt, call the experts

If all of this seems a little too daunting – hire a company to take care of the migration for you. XPO IT Services can provide a full data centre inventory list and can safely migrate your data centre to its new location. As specialists in IT and WEEE recycling, XPO IT Services can also erase, recycle or destroy any unwanted assets.

Not looking to relocate but want to be more organised? XPO IT Services also offers a full data centre auditing service to help keep you up to date with your servers.

The author: Mark Cotterell
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