HP Predicts Major Cyber Attack in Next Five Years

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HP predicts a catastrophic cyber attack in the next five years, according to HP enterprise services chief technology officer Andrzej Kawalec.

“We expect an attack that will cause significant and lasting damage to a major world economy through physical and economic impacts,” he told the European Information Security Summit 2015 in London.

HP also predicts enormous challenges around creating a robust single digital online identity and managing the security of information shared online through social media, in the cloud and through devices connected to the internet of things.

“All these things are all about sharing data, not about security. Securing all the data shared in this way is a huge challenge in the absence of any standards to enable us to take control,” said Kawalec.

Another significant challenge in the next five years, he said, will be ensuring that regulatory and privacy concerns are addressed without limiting cross-border trade or exposing industry to financial risk.
Three cyber security areas to tackle

HP believes there are three areas that need to be tackled urgently.

“First we need to focus more time and effort on understanding our adversaries and how to disrupt them at every step,” said Kawalec.

“Second, we need to understand and identify our risk so that we can see how best to protect as well as enable our information assets.

“Third, we all need to collaborate more and share information with each other to get a single view of the threats and extend our cyber security capabilities beyond our own organisations.”

Extending cyber security capabilities is a huge part of HP’s strategy, according to Kawalec. “But we recognise that it is not something we can do on our own and we are keen to work with as many partners as possible,” he said.

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