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Survey suggests majority of end users now accept that disposing of old IT equipment securely must potentially cost money

The IT asset disposal (ITAD) industry is beginning to win its battle against controversial “free” or “we-pay-you” services, a survey has found.

Despite having won the backing of an MP two years ago, the practice of guaranteeing to collect, securely recycle and data wipe end users’ old IT kit free of charge is viewed by many as the scourge of the industry.

However, a recent survey by Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA) found that roughly half of its members’ customers are now paying for their ITAD services.

Jane Taylor, managing director of ADISA member eReco EMEA said competing against free services remains a “constant struggle”.

“There were maybe 500 [ITADs] when we started business [in 2006] and now there are 800, and many are operating under the radar,” she said.

“Would you trust your company’s confidential data to someone who couldn’t prove how they handle it? You have to charge for this service as you are selling something of quality and the ICO needs to get its act together in terms of communicating to [data controllers] what their obligations are.”

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