IT Asset Disposal

Technology moves at a fast pace, and as such you’ll displace more and more old tech to make way for the new. In your role, you’re likely focusing on moving technology forward rather than looking back. But you have a regulatory, social and economical obligation to dispose of your end-of-life IT hardware in a responsible and secure way. Not only that – by finding the appropriate channel for recycling the assets, you might realise some residual value too.

We provide a full, end-to-end IT asset disposal service, from collection, to data destruction, to recycling or reuse. We can help you dispose of your end-of-life hardware securely, responsibly and in full compliance with a number of industry regulations.

We want to make life as easy as possible for you. We’ll work with you to forge a partnership that works on your terms. If it suits, we can provide dedicated bins and schedule regular collections, so disposal is taken care of, and you’re free to get on with more proactive projects.

We like to give back too. If your end-of-life assets are eligible, there’s a chance you could be offered a rebate or buy back scheme, which can be reinvested into your new assets.

ITAD - XPO IT Services
Why choose XPO?
  • Two decades of experience in electrical equipment recycling
  • Full data erasure using industry-leading software Blancco
  • Secure data destruction – on and off-site hard-drive shredding
  • ADISA certified with merit
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accredited
  • Audit reports including GDPR-compliant SLA provided
  • Potential for above fair-market rebates