New Data-Protection Software aims to Stop Data Ransomware and Data Leaks

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Data leaks seems to be a recurring issue that we hear about within British media and global media. Managing and controlling sensitive data is a continuing challenge for many institutes.

Although hackers can be held responsible for a large proportion of data leaks, accidental disclosure by employees of data and personal information is still a huge issue. Furthermore, the use of cloud-based apps such as Salesforce, Google Apps, and DocuSign makes controlling data even more complex, as even on-premises data can be inadvertently placed online. Too often, this is done without the IT departments knowledge, as users opt to turn to useful services to help them do their jobs without involving IT.


However, Mountain View-based start-up Egnyte is hoping to offer a solution with its new ‘Egnyte Protect’ service. This service provides access control and will enable selective encryption and control over data residency and retention, spanning both local storage and common cloud services. The new service uses features of the files – i.e. things like “created by the finance department” or “contains a social security number”—to apply rules to them. For example, any files containing social security numbers can be blocked from public sharing, or any file with financial data must be encrypted.

The clever software-as-a-service, will implement cloud-provided computer resources to continuously classify and analyze documents and file activity. The rules involve a mix of IT-configured manual policies and automated rules from large-scale data analytics.

However, these rules are infact somewhat flexible; for example, sending an administrative alert only on the second attempt to share private data (so that accidental clicks don’t necessarily cause an escalation and intervention). The rules are applied regardless of whether files reside on premises or in the cloud and are used both for local applications and online ones.

The company behind the software highlight that using the cloud gives it greater power for analytics, as it will allow it to detect behavior patterns that are anomalous or unusual, bringing big data heuristics to the world of data protection.

Perhaps most interestingly however, Egnyte says that the system can also detect the behavior of cryptolocker ransomware. The access patterns that this type of ransomware shows is unlike any normal access—it systematically overwrites data files with their encrypted versions. Protect can trap this kind of access and block it, ending the contagion.

Overall this is a very innovative and ingenious new piece of software that we believe will be highly beneficial and tackles the major issue of data-leaks. Good work!

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