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5 benefits of using a local WEEE collection service

Every business generates electrical waste. And as technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, the more legacy electrical items and technology become displaced.

Every business generates electrical waste. And as technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, the more legacy electrical items and technology become displaced. Environmental and social responsibility, as well as regulatory pressures mean that you must dispose of this equipment (WEEE) securely and compliantly. There are quite literally thousands of WEEE recycling companies in the UK, so selecting the right partner can be tricky.

There are a number of things you should look out for in a WEEE recycling partner, such as: certain accreditations, zero landfill policies and at the very least, a WEEE processor license. But sometimes, the benefits of using a particular company come down to geography.

We’re based in Telford - ideally located for businesses in the Shropshire area as well as the West Midlands and parts of Wales. While we operate effectively nationwide, there are certain benefits for both us and the customer if we can work with someone who’s not far down the road.

With this in mind, here are 5 benefits of using a local WEEE collection service.



The closer you are to the processing facility, the more likely you are to be able to make more ad hoc requests. Collection is all about logistics - and if you’re a bit further afield, you might have to wait that bit longer for when a driver is close to your area. If you’re effectively around the corner, you’re likely to get quicker turnaround times. The recycling company will also be more likely to be able to facilitate smaller requests, so you can shift things quicker, rather than waiting for waste to build up. Your recycling partner may even offer a drop-off service, so if convenient you can simply bring in waste items yourself.


Environmentally friendly

The less time a collection vehicle spends on the road, the less the impact in terms of pollution. Choosing a local recycling partner means you can double down on your commitment to lowering your organisation’s environmental impact.



As much as close geographical proximity offers flexibility and is kinder to the environment, it can also help you save on the cost of the service too. It’s a simple equation - the less your recycling partner spends on fuel and driver time, the less you’re likely to pay for the collection service.


Support local business

It’s in everyone’s best interest to support other businesses in their local area. Local relationships can be beneficial, and the more thriving businesses which continue to operate and become attracted to the area, the better the local economy will perform. Research by FSB found that showed that for every £1 spent with an SME by a local authority, 63p was spent in the local economy, and 40p for larger businesses. And if other businesses as well local authorities join in, the pounds and pence start to mount up.


See it for yourself

Close proximity in terms of geography presents the opportunity to develop a closer relationship. Regular meetings are easier to organise. Many organisations, us included, are also happy to give clients a tour of their facility to demonstrate processes and give the customer peace of mind that waste is being handled correctly and compliantly. Being able to see this for yourself and “informally audit” your partner’s processes gives you comfort that the service is of the quality you expect.


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5 benefits of using a local WEEE collection service

XPO have always provided a high quality service.  Reliable, efficient and easy to use.  Always on time and professional with the disposal of equipment

Property Consultant, Birmingham Property Consultancy

Glad we found out about this company. Now I can be assured that our redundant IT equipment is being correctly handled and we can get rid of our smaller WEEE waste streams in parallel

Purchasing Manager, Automotive Equipment Supplier

We have used XPO IT Services on numerous occasions, each time we have been very pleased with the service that they provide. Their collection/recycling scheme is the best we have used (and we have used a few!). Great service and great value for money!

Senior IT Technician, Staffordshire Hospice

We have used the data destruction services of XPO IT on a number of occasions and have been exceptionally pleased with their levels of service, efficiency and customer care

IT Manager, Nottingham Solicitors

XPO IT offer an efficient and flexible collection service for the District Council IT disposals. They provide a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note and Certificate of Disposal for every collection. Collection staff are always courteous and friendly and go about their work without causing any disruption to my working day

E-Business Admin Assistant, District Council

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