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Moving offices can be a logistical nightmare, we know! You’re not just moving furniture; you’re moving an entire brand and everything that comes with it.

Whether you’re moving to another floor in the same building, or across the entire country; there are a few things you can do before the move to make your life, and the lives of your staff much MUCH easier.


Finding the perfect location

Your first step is finding a new space that best fits your team and suits your company. When looking around, keep an eye out for the following:

  1. Is it big enough to fit your team, your company assets, with space for manager’s offices and conference rooms?
  2. Is there access for wheelchairs?
  3. Is it affordable without putting too much pressure on company turnover?
  4. Is there sufficient space for a kitchen/tea room for staff to relax during their breaks?
  5. Are the toilets large enough for your workforce? (we’re not saying one for every staff member, but you don’t want a queue around the office during lunch)
  6. Are there enough power sockets for every workstation you have?
  7. How’s the location? Could your business pick up new clients/staff in this area? Is it close to shops, bus and train stations?
  8. Is there parking? Enough for your team and visitors?
  9. Does it have insurance?
  10. Would you feel confident having clients in for meetings?
  11. Is there space to expand in the future?


How to relocate your company

Once you’ve found your new office space, it’s time for you to get the logistical ball rolling to make your move as easy as possible. Take a seat and consider the following:

  1. Plan ahead – start planning your office relocation 12 months prior to the actual move. It’s better to have plenty of time to complete every single step rather than feel overwhelmed and underprepared at the last minute. Use an excel spreadsheet to list out everything you need to do
  2. Don’t do this on your own – if you’ve got a large company: assemble a relocation team and have regular meetings where you can give status updates, delegate jobs and discuss the best way to prepare your employees
  3. Design your new office – will you be buying new furniture or using what you currently have? Take photos of your new office and furniture and create an interior design plan. You can see how they fit virtually or go old school and print them out. If interior design isn’t your forte, you can always hire a designer who will take care of everything for you
  4. Hire the services you need – if this doesn’t already come as part of your rental agreement, you’ll need to find reliable cleaning, maintenance, security, locksmith and landline services
  5. Find a relocation company – look for a company you feel confident with. A company you know will go above and beyond to make your relocation not just easy, but fun (yeah, we said it). Take the pressure off you and your team and get the relocation company involved in the moving process as early as possible
  6. Update business cards – to save any embarrassment: you’ll need to change any business cards which will have your old company address on
  7. Notify your clients and stakeholders of the change in address – from your internet, power and water provider, to your commercial contact list. Let everyone know about the move via phone, email, or (if the budget allows) through an office opening party!
  8. Setup kitchen and restrooms – all should be furnished and ready to use before you move
  9. Prepare your servers, cables and wires for moving – reduce downtime and do this on the last day in the office. If you don’t have an IT team, or you don’t want your employees involved in the move: make sure your relocation company can provide IT and Data Centre Relocation services
  10. And relax – it’s been one heck of a challenge and it’s all over! Don’t forget to thank those involved and congratulate yourself on a successful move


XPO Moves are experts in commercial and data centre relocation. We have over 10 years experience helping businesses of varying sizes complete relocation projects. We offer a full end-to-end office relocation service, encompassing the planning, removal, packing, transportation, and reinstallation. From furniture to entire servers, to IT equipment, from cables to water coolers, we offer a helping hand at every stage of the process to ensure you have peace of mind that the relocation is secure, cost-effective and efficient.

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