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CESG Data Erasure

We will ensure that all data will be completely wiped and guarantee that it's 100% un-recoverable

For secure data erasure, we use CESG approved Tabernus software. Tabernus Enterprise Erase Array V5.3 and Enterprise LAN V7.1.15 are approved at both the Lower and Higher Overwriting Standards, which are specified in HMG Information Assurance Standard No.5 (IAS5). Tabernus Enterprise Erase Software is approved for Government use in accordance with IAS5. 

It is also approved by the following organisations; 


We are able to erase data from the following types of equipment;
PC/Laptops, Servers, Hard Drives, SSD's, Mobiles & Tablets, DLT Tapes/ DAT Tapes, CD/DVD's & Other Media. 

Data Erasure for IT 

Whether you are looking to sell or give away a PC or laptop, it is important that you remove all traces of your ownership in order to protect your data and identity; Our IT data erasure service will ensure that your computers and servers are securely wiped without the need to remove or destroy the hard drives.

We are able to erase a large number of desktops, laptops and servers simultaneously, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Data Erasure for Mobiles & Tablets

Data Erasure of electronic equipment such as mobile phones & tablets is imperative as these devices can store all sorts of personal and confidential information which you don't want others to access.

Recent research shows that up to 1/3 of users of recycled mobile phone users have found data such as contacts, photos and other information from the previous owner. Many users understand that erasing data before recycling their old device is important, but many don't realise that manually deleting data is not enough.

Our Data Erasure Process: 

Removing data effectively requires specialised software such as Tabernus which is a global provider of certified data erasure software, hardware, and service solutions that completely remove all data from hard drive storage devices.

Our Tabernus service will ensure that your phone or tablet is restored to factory condition, thoroughly wiped and restored again.

This involves a three-step process:

STEP 1 - RESTORE: Restore the mobile phone to factory condition.
STEP 2 - ERASE: Load DataWipe application and overwrite desired number of passes.
STEP 3 - REPORT: Remove DataWipe application, restore the phone to factory condition again, and generate report.

We will securely erase all data from both internal and external memories of smart phones and tablets including; emails, contact list, call history, SMS and MMS messages, videos and images.

We will also provide you with a report and full audit trail which will allow you complete peace of mind.

The data erasure service supports the following mobile devices:
• Android : v1.5 or later
• IPhone: iOS v1.0-6.0
• BlackBerry: OS 4.3 or later
Click here to view full compatibility list 


XPO IT Services have two portable Degausser machines that can be taken on-site to your business. The machines send a magnetic field through the Hard Drive damaging the storage system and rendering them completely unusable. It can also be used with back-up tapes if you require this type of data to be destroyed.

We have used XPO IT Services on numerous occasions, each time we have been very pleased with the service that they provide. Their collection/recycling scheme is the best we have used (and we have used a few!). Great service and great value for money!

Senior IT Technician, Staffordshire Hospice

XPO IT offer an efficient and flexible collection service for the District Council IT disposals. They provide a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note and Certificate of Disposal for every collection. Collection staff are always courteous and friendly and go about their work without causing any disruption to my working day

E-Business Admin Assistant, District Council

Glad we found out about this company. Now I can be assured that our redundant IT equipment is being correctly handled and we can get rid of our smaller WEEE waste streams in parallel

Purchasing Manager, Automotive Equipment Supplier

We have used the data destruction services of XPO IT on a number of occasions and have been exceptionally pleased with their levels of service, efficiency and customer care

IT Manager, Nottingham Solicitors

XPO have always provided a high quality service.  Reliable, efficient and easy to use.  Always on time and professional with the disposal of equipment

Property Consultant, Birmingham Property Consultancy

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