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It has been reported that some 1.5 million customer records have been stolen at T-Mobile’s Czech Republic site by one if their employees, according to local media.

In an official report, T-Mobile has confirmed the incident and admitted that it was true; however, they refused to confirm the scale of the incident, or provide any details about what information had been leaked. The companies reasoning for this was due to ongoing police investigations, stating that they are “unable to provide any additional specific information” at this moment in time.

However, based on the fact that the investigation has now been handed over to the Czech Police Unit for Combating Organized Crime, much speculation has arisen that the data leak is infact massive.

An editor at ‘’ remarked on the news, claiming that “it probably involved all 1.5 million T-Mobile customers, making it the largest known data breach ever in the Czech Republic”.

According to the corporate giant’s spokesperson, the firms’ security controls were triggered “immediately” following the illegal activity, which allegedly involved a forging of the customer database.

It still remains unclear as to what exactly happened with the data. T-Mobile are claiming that the perpetrator behind the data leak has been caught, during his/her time attempting to sell the database. However, other media outlets are claiming that the data actually simply fell into the wrong hands.

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