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It has been reported today that mobile phone network provider Three has suffered a huge data breach in which the personal information and contact details of millions of customers could have been accessed.
The attack is believed to be one of the largest hacks of its kind to affect people living in the UK.

A group of UK based cyber criminals gained access to Three’s database of customers who are eligible for an upgrade via their computer system. It is not clear exactly how many customers this includes yet, as the company are yet to outline whether the system includes customers who have previously upgraded and/or customers who have left the network.

The data-hackers allegedly gained access to the database using credentials stolen from an employee, which allowed them to login to the system without Three noticing. Once they had got in to the system, they tricked it into sending high-end upgrade handsets to an address in which they could then intercept.

Three has confirmed that the data accessed included details such as names, phone numbers, addresses, data of birth and some email addresses, however there has fortunately been no reports of card or bank details having been stolen.

The company is working to investigate the breach and have assured customers that they will be contacted if they have been victim to the cyber-crime.

The network has also advised concerned customers to call 333 on a Three Mobile or 0333 338 1001 from another phone to get more information regarding the breach and whether or not their details may have been accessed.

Although Three have claimed that the data stolen does not contain bank account details, scam callers are well aware that they could use basic personal information to convince customers that they are calling from a legitimate business like a bank or phone company and go on to request that you give them your bank details.

Three has urged people not to give out any of their bank details, and if you are concerned about the source of a call or email, to please contact the company directly. Customers are also urged to get in contact with their bank so that they can monitor for any suspicious behaviour or calls from someone that is claiming to be them.

Three has also recommended that customers change their passwords and the PINs on their accounts, particularly if you use the same password for Three as you do for other accounts/sites.

In light of the cyber attack, Three are working closely with law enforcements to track down the cyber criminals and they are also said to be bolstering up their security in order to prevent attacks like this happening in the future.

Three could be facing a fine of up to £500,000, the maximum that the Information Commissioner’s Office can levy. To date, the largest fine that they have issued was £400,000 to Talk Talk for last year’s huge cyber attack in which the personal data of 157,000 customers was stolen.

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