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You want to provide the best service for your clients, right? Of course you do.

You run a successful business, numbers are looking good and your empire is growing quickly. That’s brilliant news!  You and your team should be celebrating…the only problem is; there’s no space. A growing business means more employees and more employees means more space is needed; space you don’t have.

Your staff share desks, elbow space is limited, and your potential client has to wait in the tearoom before your meeting. First impressions are lasting, and this isn’t a great one. You start to think: should I look at getting a bigger office? Don’t be scared, you might be onto something here; and we’re here to tell you the top 5 benefits of an office relocation.


Enhance your brand

From the building you work in, to the colour of the toilets; your office is a reflection of your company and how it runs, and you can learn a lot by just walking around a workroom. Unfortunately, trying to cover-up a cluttered desk with a potted plant isn’t fooling anyone. Relocating can be a chance for a complete office and brand refresh; leaving clients with the lasting impression your company deserves.


Improve workflow

The work is coming in thick and fast, there’s paperwork everywhere and stress levels are starting to rise. New office, new start! A change of scenery and a bigger, brighter space for your employees can allow a newly motivated team to embrace their new environment (free from intruding elbows) and encourage a more focused positive approach to workload. Win, win right?


Growing your business

Location, location, location: A more defined site for your office will make it a lot easier to grow your workforce. Being closer to an area of talent and regeneration and having an impressive new workspace is a sign of your company’s success and will open the doors to recruitment and new client opportunities.


Opportunity for change

We know how daunting it can be when you’re the one in charge of a move. Getting external help to support you through the planning and delivery of an office relocation could be the wisest decision you’ve ever made.XPO IT Moves have experience in all types of relocation jobs, irrespective of the task’s size or complexity.Whether it’s an office of 5 or 500; XPO Moves will make moving office as easy as possible for you and your team.

We’ll strive to maintain and offer the same level of professionalism and quality that we’ve become synonymous with, whether we are moving a full-office, a single server or migrating an entire data centre.

To find out more about the removal services we offer, click here.

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