New WEEE Data Shows Rising Collection Rates as the UK is on Track to meet Targets

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Collection data for the first quarter of 2016 has now been published by the environment Agency, which shows that the UK is making good progress towards meeting its WEEE target for the year.

The provisional data was released last week, and it shows that a total of 141,379 tonnes of all categories of WEEE were collected for recycling between January and April 2016.

The overall target for 2016 collections has been set at 544.341 tonnes of WEEE, meaning that each quarter, a rate of 136.085 tonnes of WEEE will need to be collected in order to meet the target.

In comparison to the same time periods this time last year, the data highlights the fact that collection rates have risen significant by close to 12,000 tonnes when 129,714 tonnes of WEEE was collected for recycling.


Vikkie Fitzgerald, WEEE account manager for Clarity Environmental commented that “The data for the first quarter of 2016 shows that the UK is on track to meet or exceed its collection target for the year, allaying some concerns that the 7% increase from would be difficult to achieve. The figures show an increase in WEEE returned of over 11,500 tonnes (or 11%) when compared to the first quarter of 2015 and each stream is achieving broadly the same rate of collection.”


Furthermore, Nick Purser of the ERP UK added that the recently released data suggests that the targets set are in-line with the trends that the government used to set 2016 targets. He commented that there are “several things that stand out from the data for me, they are that generally everything is on the up. Because material prices are low, this means that more is coming through the formal system. This could be a result of the dual use change.

“There is also notably an increase in amount collections through regulation 50 collections which is take back from private households or any collection that is not from a designated collection facility. That could be small businesses or it could also point to the fact that other routes are opening up and people are aware of other ways they can recycle WEEE.”


Overall, this is very positive news; the UK is greatly exceeding its WEEE targets.

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