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What are the pros to a buying refurbished PC?

It’s a topic that we find comes into question quite frequently when someone is looking to buy a computer. The majority of us are brand loyal and don’t worry, so are we (beans will always mean Heinz). We know you might fear the unknown and might not want to invest money into something that doesn’t have a brand new bow on it – But there can be so many pros in doing this! And we’ve listed them below for you:

It’s cheaper

For the most part, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who wasn’t happy to save money. When you need to buy new IT equipment, it will pay to do some research. Don’t just look at the well-known shops and sites for the price of their latest featured items – then look at stores and sites that sell refurbished equipment. Trust us, it could save you a huge amount.

You can buy a refurbished computer from a trusted retailer for up to 80% cheaper than brand new.

With any business: budgets and reducing company spend is crucial. It’s hard to justify why you’ve spent thousands on brand new desktops for the office when you could’ve brought something just as good for a fraction of the cost.

It’s environmentally friendly

With the plan to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 and several household names promising to ban their use of plastic by 2020, reducing our carbon footprint is being put to the forefront of our minds, and rightly so.

Recycling has become part of our everyday lives. Many of you won’t have just one bin in your kitchen anymore; you’ll have two, three or maybe even four bins to organise and separate each item to get it ready for its next stage of life.

The UK Commercial and Industrial sectors generated 41.9 million tonnes of waste in 2014, of which 32.8 million tonnes (around 80%) was produced in England.

We’ve become custom to this way of life – to the kitchen being taken over by bins, and washing up tin cans, to trying to rearrange the glass bin so it doesn’t all look like bottles of wine and beer. With this in mind, this mindset should be carried over whilst at work – Don’t let electrical waste go to landfill and buy refurbished when you can.

You can customise your kit

When you buy a store-bought PC often the warranty will be void as soon as you open it up or swap any parts over. Buying a refurbished PC allows you to completely customise without the worry of voiding your warranty.

You can customise/upgrade your equipment to suit what you want to use it for: gamers, CAD engineers, video editors and streamers will often buy an improved graphics card, increase the hard drive and RAM size. You can also add additional accessories including LED lights, liquid coolant systems and for the serious gamers, hydraulic systems.

Take YouTuber, Austin Evans as an example of how to build a gaming pc.

It’s the same quality; it’s just been used before

Just because you’re buying something that’s already been used doesn’t mean it’s not going to be good quality. This is quite the opposite for us as every piece of equipment that comes through our warehouse goes through a stringent grading and refurbishing process to make sure it’s in the best condition for resale.

If you’re using a trusted seller they will grade the equipment so you know what kind of pre-loved state your desktop, monitor or laptop will arrive in. Some are perfect without a scratch, some have small scuffs on the side – but rest assured, they work just as they’re supposed to.

If you’re in the market to buy refurbished IT equipment, visit our sales site for the latest offers: www.xpoit.co.uk

The author: Mark Cotterell
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